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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Did I dream it?

I was lying in bed, half-asleep, listening to NPR, when I swore I heard that a major al-Qaeda operative was one of 12 men arrested in London. This is big news, is it not, considering the fact that Britain is our major ally in the war against terror?

I got up and began searching my regular news sources for a story detailing this development. Print edition of the News & Record : nothing. What did I expect? In fairness, this latest development might have broken after the N&R went to press.

So I turn to my online sources, and I'm similarly frustrated. I search the NY Times and find nothing. The same with the Charlotte Observer and the News & Observer.

Finally, after doing a search on the London Times, who reported the arrest, I found this account through Bloomberg. It turns out that one of the men arrested was Abu Musa al-Hindi, aka Bilal, who just happen to be head of al-Qaeda's British network and received direct orders from Osama bin Laden. Bilal evidently was planning the final stages of an attack at Heathrow Airport when he was arrested.

I'll give NPR credit for reporting the story. But why did I have so much trouble finding the story in U.S. media outlets?


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