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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Here's my official pitch for the Piedmont Blog Conference. I sent my rsvp to Hoggard.

I'm disappointed that Vernon Robinson will not be moving on to the general election. Again, I think it's important that black conservatives get their message out in order to prove that not all African Americans chant the basic Democratic party line.

I guess the problem is many black conservatives are so far right they scare voters off. Even I was shocked when he said, "Kamran Akhtar didn't come here to live the American dream. He came here to kill you."

Ok, so it's a little over the top, even though every one of us knows damn well what Akhtar was doing videotaping Charlotte.

Yet that commercial symbolized something that's been gnawing at me this campaign season: Many consider it extremism to confront the terrorist threat facing this country. In my opinion, the Bush administration has done a damn fine job of capturing terrorists, espcially in light the recent arrest of al Qaeda operatives by our close ally Britain. I can't imagine another administration, especially a more liberal one, doing a better job. Yet Bush is an extremist, a whacko.

I'm very concerned that, as lawyers, Kerry and Edwards will attempt to litigate and negotiate the war on terror, when there is no negotiating to be done.


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