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Thursday, August 05, 2004

I was on my way to the store to get my post-commissioners meeting brew (or should that be pre-commissioners meeting brew?) when I stopped to chat with my neighbor for a while. He's a Cowboys fan, so I was teasing him a bit about the team's quarterback situation. He's optimistic, nevertheless; he cited the addition of Eddie George, which means the quarterback will do a lot of handing off this season. He also cited the good karma between Parcells, Testaverde and Keyshawn Johnson, who were all with the Jets a few seasons ago.

Then the subject turned to baseball. He's a long-suffering Red Sox fan. I checked the standings this morning, and the Sox are just a game and a half off the wild-card pace. If they get their defense straightened out, they could have a strong finish, setting up a possible rematch with the Yankees.

The same is true with the Cubs. whom I was watching them play the Rockies earlier this afternoon. Their hitting is strong; they've just had injuries to their pitching staff. If the pitching gets healthy, they could finish strong and then be dangerous in the playoffs.

So you're hearing it here first: a Red Sox-Cubs World Series.


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