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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm amazed at the reaction from some of my readers about my Saturday post regarding my neighbors' obvious support for Kerry-Edwards.

I'm lucky here on Wharton St. in Fisher Park. On any given night, you can find an impromptu party out on the sidewalk. Our street has a wide demographic, with older people blending right in with younger (40) people such as myself, not to mention a few thirtysomethings. Kids are constantly running up and down the sidewalk. When dinner time comes, somebody jumps into the closest kitchen and cooks something up for everybody.

Last night featured one of those impromptu parties. My neighbor wandered across the street with his dog and his baby daughter.

"What, did someone tip you off I'm a Republican?" I asked. "You've got that sign pointed right in my direction."

"Hell yea," he said. "My wife even parks the car just for you. We figure if we exposed you enough, we could convert you."

"What, you're not convereted yet? my other neighbor asked me.

"Maybe if I see 'Kerry-Edwards' enough, that's what I'll be thinking when I walk into the voters' booth," I said.

We laughed, and left it at that. He's got his reasons, and I've got mine. I care about this election, maybe too much. But I care more about my neighbors and my fellow Greensboro citizens, since they care more about me than the guy in thw White House, whoever he may be.


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