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Saturday, August 21, 2004

I'm seeing Kerry-Edwards signs and bumper stickers all over the place. Cause for concern? Maybe. Part of the their game plan is to get the word out, while Bush supporters are kicking back, comfortable reason will prevail in the voting booth. But complacency cost Bush Sr. during his reelection bid.

The worst part is my neighbors across the street, with whom I'm friendly. But someone must have told them I'm a Republican, so they're trying to subliminally convert me. In addition to Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers on both cars, they have a sign in their yard that directly faces my house. So "Kerry-Edwards" is the first thing I see when I go out to get the paper in the morning and when I look out the window to spy on my other neighbors. In fact, I'm looking at it right now as I type.

They're both professionals, have a nice house and drive nice cars. It looks like they're doing pretty well, so I'm curious as to why they think a change needs to be made. I'll bring it up in polite conversation the next opportunity I get.


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