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Monday, August 23, 2004

There was an interesting letter to the editor from Ms. Julie Ann Jones in today's N&R.

I loved her opening paragraph: "When I relocated to Greensboro a few years ago, I remember my stomach turning at the tacky billboards along I-40. With growing apprehension, I read the advertisements for strip clubs, cheap cigarettes and discount retailers. What kind of city had had I brought my children to live?"

If Ms. Jones has a problem with billboards, I respect her opinion. I'm more open-minded than my readers might imagine. But emotional melodrama, especially the kind that evokes one's children, makes me run the other way on a particular issue.

It's true government has a right ot respect the wishes of people who are offended by billboards. But they also have to respect the wishes of people most affected by a scenic corridor ordinance, the landowner, who has already been adversely affected by the construction of the Urban Loop. To paraphrase Pat Short, the area was pretty scenic before an interstate highway came through there.

Now, if Ms. Jones' children had to ride a school bus last week.........


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