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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Thigpen wants to “facilitate collaboration among school boards, county commissions and planning departments in selecting sites for schools.”

The initiative would be part of a pilot program by the Center for Regional and Urban Studies, which is currently involved in Pilot Projects that are being implemented in Charlotte Mecklenberg and Macon Counties. He suggested convening a school budget committee meeting to discuss the project.

The interesting thing is CURS would conduct the project in collaboration with the Orange County Settlement Dispute Center. After looking at its Web site, it seems to me like this situation would fall under the public disputes category.

Thigpen wants ideas on whether or not this is a good idea. In my haste to slam the school board (blogging and ADD sometimes don’t mix) I misread the letter posted on his blog. I though the letter was from Terry Grier and Alan Duncan, not to them. So I commented that I thought this was the school board hiring some eggheads to do their talking for them. When I re-read the letter and realized it was from Thigpen, I immediately posted another comment saying what a good idea I thought it was.

I don’t really know if it is or isn’t a good idea. As I’ve written many times, I’m amazed at the lack of communication among government entities. Do they really need professional help, or should they just pay the price at the ballot box for lack of communication skills?

The problem with that logic, some elected officials might say, is government staff doesn't pay the price at the ballot box.


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