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Monday, September 06, 2004

Cone answers my post about Elizabeth Edwards' N.Y. Times mag interview. It's good to know the Greensboro blog guru is reading your stuff. I also hope he didn't think I was trying to get his goat. I saw where he linked her interview, but I didn't read it until I got my hard copy Sunday morning. I was legitimately disappointed in what I read.

Here's my point: As a concerned citizen, Ms. Edwards certainly has the right to say anything about her government. Still, she is a public figure whose opinions hold weight. By not qualifying her statement about Condoleeza Rice, she politicized it. And while her husband is personally working to unseat the Bush administration (and Ms. Rice along with it), Ms. Edwards is not running against Ms. Rice. So to float out unqualified statements about another public figure was, in my opinion, bad taste, especially about a subject where, right now, there is no one truth.

That's why, in my opinion, it was in bad taste for Ms. Edwards to make such a statement. It was also in bad taste for the interviewer not to press her. After reading those statements, I said to myself, "She's just a senator's wife, what the hell does she know?"

But I also know she's an attorney and a very intelligent woman. Perhaps she's an amateur expert on the subject. Perhaps she's relying on her husband's knowledge and opinions. Perhaps a little of both. I'd like to know so I can give Ms. Edwards the proper respect, if she's deserving.


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