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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Here's the N.Y. Times review of "Namath," a book I have been eyeing on shelves for quite some time. I can't fork out $28 for a book, so I'll wait until the price comes down. For now, I'll enjoy it vicariously through reviews.

Initial question: why is Janet Maslin, a movie critic, reviewing this book instead of, say, Damon Hack, or even William C. Rhoden?

Anyway, what I would be interested to read about (and which the review did not touch on- hell, I guess I'm reviewing the review) are Namath's early years in the old AFL. That's what's fascinating about him- he represents the bridge between the Vince Lombardi era and the game as we know it today. I'm sure there are some stories there that football historians like me would find intriguing. I'd to read about the seasons when he, his team, and his league were fledgling forces to be reckoned with.

I have vague memories of the latter stages of Namath's career, when his knees were in such bad shape he was practically immobile. I remember one Monday Night game where he dropped back to pass and just fell down.

I thought he was a good football commentator - on NBC, where he where shared a booth with only one another announcer.

I fact-checked myself and am a better man for it. I almost wrote in the above graph that Namath's problem at ABC was he had to shout over Cosell. But Namath and Cosell were never in the same booth.


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