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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hoggard weighs in a bit on yesterday's post regarding the N&R's coverage of the Triad Equality Alliance's billboard campaign.

He rightly questioned my language: "...the fact that the N&R endorsed homosexuality...."

He's right. It is not a "fact" that the N&R endorsed homosexuality in either Saturday's news story or Sunday's editorial.

But, in my opinion, it's a logical inference. I don't think anyone who read the article or the editorial would disagree that they were favorable in tone. That the N&R would write favorably about any billboard campaign was a surprise to me, and I believe it did so in this instance because the billboard campaign fits the paper's liberal political agenda. Do these billboards not add to the "clutter" along major thoroughfares?

In re-reading Saturday's article, I noticed it repeated the media misconception that "President Bush announced plans to push for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage." It's a moot point now, but the amendment itself would not ban gay marriage. It would "leave state legislatures free to make their own choices defining legal arrangements other than marriage."

I know you guys think I'm a homophobe. No way. I have wonderful gay neighbors around the corner, and one of my close friends is gay. I've openly expressed my thoughts to her that the gay community and the media are politicizing homosexuality as much as conservatives are. But, as most people in Greensboro do so well, we agree to disagree and move on.


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