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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I could have watched it on TV......

In a marathon five-and-half hour meeting, the school board praised superintendent Terry Grier and granted his request - not to have a salary increase this year.

"We realize the superintendent's salary is scrutinized by the public on a yearly basis, as it should be," said board chairman Alan Duncan. But, Duncan added," We have chosen not to provide a (salary) increase.

Earlier in the public session Grier, who met with the board for quite some time, issued a statement.

"I share the board's disappointment with the way some things went," he said. "I know where the buck stops in this orgainization. I did not expect to receive a raise from the board and that is my request."

The board chastised Grier but for the school bus foul-up that started this school year and, depending on who you listen to, still hasn't been fixed.

But on the whole the board praised Grier for academic achievements and sound management of capital improvement projects.

Then Duncan added a personal note.

"I am personally thankful for the superintendent's enthusiasm and efforts," Duncan said.

Of course, a lot of people think this is all total bullshit.

I knew the board would open the meeting and immediately go into closed session. I even thought about just watching it on TV tomorrow. But I went up there anyway, never imagining it would take five-and-half hours, considering the fact the board spent at least five hours meeting on Thursday.

But I went up there like a responsible journalist and sat and sat and sat.....I'm not real friendly with the other media types. They're nice people, but they not seem like they want to interact too much. I'm not real outgoing myself. So we just sat in the lobby and read for the most part.

I read an article in the N.Y Times article aboutKerry's management style. My take on the article: If you want a micromanager in the White House, vote for Kerry.

I like the Times' obituaries. I read the headline and think I would never be interested in some guy's life, but when I read the article I'm fascinated. Tonight I read about W. Doran Teague, inventor of, among other things, the modern reclining dental chair. It made the dental experience more pleasant for patients and dentists, who were now able to sit to perform procedures, saving their backs.

I also tried to open up the lines of communication with school board chair Duncan, but I'm not sure how successful I was. I'm sure he was as eager to get home as I was.


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