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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I knew it would come sooner or later- a rainy paper route day. Fortunately, the Performance rain jacket I bought 10 years ago for $95 is still doing the job.

Early morning sightings: My neighbor's black cat strolling down the sidewalk with some type of rodent in its mouth; a guy walking his dog down Elm Street, smoking a cigar (I indulge myself, but never that early in the day); a guy driving down Elm Street with a totally flat tire who gave no indication he was about to pull over; a realtively subdued downtown considering the fact that the man who would be president is visiting. I talked to Ogi yesterday and he was trying to wrangle media credentials for someone so GGO can cover Kerry.

After my paper route, I have to finish some freelance work before covering both the school board and the city council meetings. Don't ask me how I'll be in two places at once....


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