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Friday, September 03, 2004

I thought Mayor Holliday's comments about the local media (i.e. News & Record) were right on time. The N&R is not just a business, it's a corporation, and it absolutely does need to be held accountable for its actions. The paper's bias against billboards bothers me. I still can't figure how a 7-0 vote by the planning board for a billboard ordinance, which the billboard industry vociferously opposed, represents a victory for the billboard industry. Then, all of a sudden, our county commissioners became the wise men and women who will protect citizens from these horrible billboards.

Then there was the recent story about how Greensboro is divided along a east-west geographic line. The story portrayed Greensboro as the same dumb segregated city it was 50 years ago. Anyone who's lived here for any length of time knows it's much more complicated than that, if simply not true.

That story probably pissed Mayor Holliday off. It didn't make me feel real good, either. Yet I'm curious to know what else the News & Record has done to draw Mayor Holliday's scorn, because I agree with Cone that the N&R is not overly hard on local government. The paper was pro-downtown stadium. It was perfectly right to dig into Project Homestead. It's also done a good job of ignoring the Truth and Reconciliation Project, which has further served to portray Greensboro as a dumb Southern city. I'm sure the paper will do some sort of retrospective on the 25th anniversary of the Klan-Nazi killings, but that's fair enough. I think what gets under Mayor Holliday's skin is the fact that the paper on the whole is positive, yet picks and chooses strange battles, like billboards and video poker.

Greensboro disease? I've never been afflicted. I'll admit I've had extended periods of unemployement or underemployment. I'm more committed to the area than I am to a job, and that's my problem. The good news is the cost of living isn't that high, so if you're careful with your money, you ride out those periods. I've never had a problem entertaining myself. Then again, I can waste half an hour standing on the sidewalk talking to my neighbor.


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