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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Pretty funny analysis in today's N.Y. Times, where reporters reveal the smoking gun (McDonald's) behind Clinton's health problems.

I loved the photograph of Clinton at The Varsity, a place where I've pigged out many times while visiting Atlanta. Good onion rings.

I've been affected by Clinton's illness. You can probably imagine I wasn't a Clinton fan when he was our leader. But what bothered me at the time was I knew, in the back of my mind, that Clinton and I were a lot alike. Both left-handed. Both voracious readers. Both played in the high school band (I played clarinet). Both sports fans. Both love to use friends' vacation homes. Both happy-go-lucky guys.

Finally, we're both guys who believe that moderate exercise will offset a passion for junk food. I know now that's not necessarily the case. So I will now make the effort to change my ways so that I don't suffer the same fate as our beloved former president, whom I wish a speedy recovery.

Yeah, I know I ripped Clinton yesterday. But I was really ripping Molly Ivins.


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