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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

e-mail from jw about yesterday's school board post:

Oh Sam! Boyfriend, you stepped in it! Bigtime!

"But I would vote for Kirkpatrick because it is my firm belief that the school board needs some strong male influence" ...I firmly believe in civilized discourse, but ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!

By the way, I used to be the secretary to the School Board and can speak volumes about how influence happens.

Mr. Wonderful complains that the "white male is the most oppressed minority in America." Yeah, well it's about goddamn time!

When it comes to influence, if you think for one minute that that sweet, little, southern belle of a Dot Kearns couldn't kick your, or anybody else's ass, you are dead wrong. She's influential, to the point of being a bully, she's just a little subtle about it.

Damn Sam! I don't care if you get it wrong. Just get it wrong for the right reason.


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