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Friday, October 08, 2004

Heading down to Atlanta this weekend to a friend's wedding reception.

I, too, am mystified by the N&R's lack of coverage on Erskine Bowles' visit last night. The paper blew him off the last time he came to town. This guy's running for the Senate, for God's sake. He could be one of 100 votes that will chart the course for the future of this country, and he doesn't warrant more than a B9 blurb from the city's paper of record?

I'd like to have the "inside scoop" on that decision-making process, considering the fact that the Depot's right across the street.

Myself? I couldn't make it because, umm, I had to watch the Cardinals-Dodgers game. Hey, I don't have ESPN and was going through intense October baseball withdrawal. I did see Dick Gephardt sitting behind home plate, though.

Seeing Gephardt reminded me of Michael Medved's comments a couple of days ago, when he said Gephardt, because of his leadership in the House, would have made a far stronger VP candidate than John Edwards.


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