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Saturday, October 30, 2004

I'll be voting a straight Republican ticket on Tuesday, with one exception: at-large county commission candidate Paul Gibson. He impressed me at the GGO candidates' forum as a very level-headed, straightforward individual who bring a much-needed sense of professionalism to the the board.

My other at-large vote will go to Trudy Wade. She did a better job than any other county commissioner of grilling school board members about their use of county funds during the $2 million bond fiasco over the summer. She also is a very straightforward individual and would make a great chair. In my opinion, Roger Cotten is still too close to county staff to be a truly independent voice.

Jeff Thigpen lost my vote because, should he win, I'll be one of the constituents stuck with a county commissioner for whom I couldn't vote. Shu has his reasons for supporting Thigpen, but I've talked to a number of people in the know who think the register of deeds office runs fine.

I'll also vote for at-large school board candidate Jim Kirkpatrick. Again, I have great respect for Dot Kearns, but I think it's obvious the school board needs a fresh voice.

No post tomorrow; I'll take time to reflect, give thanks for my blessings and remember that the sun will rise on Nov. 3. I'll also try not to think about Michael Moore grinning from ear to ear should Kerry win.


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