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Monday, October 25, 2004

Jeff Thigpen on the N&R's endorsement:

"I believe this an affirmation that we are heading in the right direction with our campaign and I appreciate their support!"

I'm not sure I would count the N&R's endorsement as a positive affirmation. I guess any candidate would want the endorsement of the city's paper of record. By the same token, the N&R would endorse the donkey.

To tell the truth, I'm going back and forth on my vote for register of deeds. I like Thigpen. I think he's a pretty straightforward guy and, as a reporter, he's certainly media-friendly.

But here's my problem. Thigpen's my county commissioner,and if he wins, Democrats will appoint someone to his seat until the 2006 election. Then I'll be stuck with a commissioner for whom I couldn't vote yea or nea.

With this in mind, I feel as though Thigpen should have resigned his county commissioner's seat to run for register of deeds. In my opinion, he's put his constituents in a tough position.

The at-large school board race between Dot Kearns and Jim Kirkpatrick is also a tough one for me. I think Kearns is a very competent board member who understands the issues and is able to explain them effectively.

But I would vote for Kirkpatrick because it is my firm belief that the school board needs some strong male influence to stand up to superintendent Terry Grier. The board, for way too long, has been dominated by women and African-American males. It would be one thing if Johnny Hodge and the late Garry Burnett made their voices heard on the board. But they hardly uttered five words between the two of them the whole time I've covered the school board.

And while board chairman Alan Duncan is an effective conductor of school board meetings, he consistently knuckles under to the politically-correct concerns of other board members. So, for these reasons, I'm leaning toward Kirkpatrick.

I'm glad I can't vote in the District 7 race between Kris Cooke and Bill Davidson, because I'd be stuck on that one, too. I respect Cooke, with whom I've dealt with as a reporter several times. But I think Davidson has some good ideas, one of which is coming out and saying that if it takes putting cops in the schools to make then safer, then do it. Again, he at least would be a male presence on the school board.

Hey, I'm a white male, though not an "angry white male." I just feel like I don't have any representation on our school board.


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