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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Little did I know that, when I turned on the Yankees-Red Sox game at 5p yesterday, I would be on the couch five hours later waiting for someone to win the damn game.

For a while, it didn't seem like anyone wanted to win. Joe Torre didn't want to win the game, because he left Tom Gordon in for the eighth inning. Why not bring Mariano Rivera in to start the eighth? He ended up pitching two innings anyway, after the damage had been done. If he closes it out, then he has five days to rest.

Though David Ortiz tied and eventually won the game for the Red Sox, his bizarre attempt to steal second in the 12th cost the Red Sox the chance to get him into scoring position. Tim McCarver said Ortiz was actually safe on the play, but I disagree: Jeter got him on the hand a split second before he touched second base.

Had Johnny Damon not walked to start the 14th and eventually score the winning run, he definitely would have been the goat. His attempt to steal in the 9th cost the Red Sox a chance to get the winning run in scoring position. Then he popped up a bunt with two on in the 11th. Had he successfully sacrificed, the Yankees would have been forced to load the bases and pull both the infield and outfield in.

So what's up for tonight? Jeff Carlton of the N&R sports blog predicts another marathon, but with the Yankees prevailing. That's a soild prediction, because I think the Yankees dread the prospect of a seventh game.

I'm going to hope against hope for a pitching duel. I need some sleep, you know.


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