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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Paper route day.

For the second week in a row, a teacher at the First Presbyterian preschool has given me s**t about pulling in to make my drop at Fisher's. It just so happens my drop occurs right when people are dropping their precious children off in the morning. Often, there's no parking space, so I create one. I pull in with my flashers on, jump out of the car with a bundle, run up to Fisher's front door and back and take off quickly as I can.

Except today, I had to take a call on my cell phone regarding a matter of intense personal interest. I kept scanning the parking lot, and I didn't see where I was impeding anyone. Yet this lady is standing on the stairs, staring me down.

While I'm still on the phone, I see none other than my good friend, county commissioner Mike Barber, walk out the door. I guess that's where his kids go to school. He's parked right next to me and, when I see I'm still not impeding anyone, I roll down the window to exchange a few pleasantries.

But I no sooner got "What's up Mike" out of my mouth when the teacher yelled from her perch, "You're going to have to move, you're impeding traffic. Sorry, Mike."

I didn't see how I was impeding traffic, but I rolled my window back up and drove off. Next Tuesday, I promise to be more careful.


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