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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Party post-mortem......

The party raged until 1:30a, when someone started causing trouble.

That someone was Charles, the 17-year-old Corgi who is the true master of the house. Things were starting to wind down when I noticed the hosts suddenly moving about with a sense of urgency. Vanessa told me that Charles had bitten her aunt Carol on the face when she bent down to give him a kiss.

Carol stood at the top of the stairs, holding a towel to her face, obviously stunned. She removed the towel and there was a large puncture wound on her chin. A trip to the emergency room was in order, so Vanessa, Carol and her husband Dan piled in the car and drove off to Northside Hospital.

So this morning, every emerged with bleary eyes and bed-head and, over the morning's coffee, discussed last night's events. Charles said he was sorry and wants to make it up to Carol somehow.

Now that's a party.


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