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Saturday, October 02, 2004

So I'm sitting there watching the State-Wake game when I look out the window and I see my neighbor putting a Kerry-Edwards sticker on his car. For all the Kerry-Edwards signs and stickers I see around town, I'd never actually caught anyone in the act. I douldn't do anything about those, but I could do something about this one.

I was able to catch him by surprise.

"I can't let you do that, Mike," I said, putting my hand firmly on his shoulder.

Then he caught me by surprise. Without saying a word, he reached around and caught me on the legs, knocking me down. We started brawling right there in the street. I was worried a car would come rolling through and hit both of us.

Finally, I got a grip on his shirt and with a surge as strong as the State defense, I was able to roll him over and pin him.

I held him down for just a few seconds before he yelled, "OK, OK, I'll vote for Bush!"

I got up and walked away without saying a word. Then I ome back and watch State beat Wake in overtime.


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