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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Apparently, Sinclair Broadcast Group will broadcast "Saving Private Ryan" tonight. I guess Sinclair isn't afraid of an FCC crackdown. I wonder why?

In my mind, this is the question: Who's really taking the whole situation to extremes? Admittedly, the FCC upped the ante by fining networks for situations they had no control over (except booking Janet Jackson for the halftime show in the first place).

According to this AP article, the FCC has "made it clear then that virtually any use of the F-word-which issued in 'Saving Private Ryan'- was inappropriate for over-the-air radio and television."

But the article goes on to say that FCC guidelines "say that the context in which such material appears is of critical importance."

I'd say guys constantly getting shot at is the proper context for using the F-word. I just can't see the FCC going after stations for broadcasting "Saving Private Ryan" when it's clearly meant to be a tribute to the armed forces on Veterans' Day.

But then there's this quote from Ray Cole, president of Citadel, which own three stations in the Midwest:

"We're just coming off an election where moral issues were cited as a reason by people voting one way or another and, in my opinion, the commissioners are fearful of the new Congress." Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Man, this is weird. The Midwest was "red," and a "red" station manager cites Bush as the reason for not running a movie made by Steven Spielberg who, correct me if I'm wrong, is no friend of the administration.

What's really weird is I took all this time trying to figure this thing out when I'm watching the State-Florida St. game anyway.


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