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Monday, November 29, 2004

As nice as the Thanksgiving holiday was, I'm glad to be back. I had to go to the coast to watch my sister get married- again.

While getting caught up on my newspaper reading, something weird happened- I almost agreed with N&R columnist Rosemary Roberts.

In her Friday column, Roberts worried that "Thanksgiving crowds Christmas. Check your calendar, fair reader, and you'll notice that Thanksgiving and Christmas are only one moth apart. "That's much too cloaser together."

I have similar concerns, though mine are the mirror image of Roberts' concerns: I believe Christmas crowds out Thanksgiving. I can't stand to see the sight of Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, especially this year, when they're still plenty of leaves on the trees.

I was so concerned about the issue while in high school that, as part of a project for political science class, I wrote our esteemed Sen. Jesse Helms to see if anything could be done. Perhaps he could help pass a law preventing merchants from putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.

The senator kindly wrote back:

Dec. 31, 1981

Mr. Samuel Hieb
American Political Process Class
Millbrook Senior High School
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609

Dear Samuel:

Thank you very much for your recent good letter.

I can understand and appreciate your concern regarding early competition merchants to start the holiday season. It seems that too many have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

While I am all for the free enterprise system, I would prefer that we observe our Thanksgiving holiday before we start thinking of Christmas. If the consumers will hold off of their shopping until after Thanksgiving, maybe the merchants will get the message.

As to the other subjects on which you were going to write, allow me to say that I am against abortion and gun control. As for ERA I am for the equal rights but not the amendment. My objections are based on section 2 of the amendment.

Thank you for writing.


Jesse Helms

Yeah, I was once pro-control and more radically pro-choice. But the ERA amendment? I must have been watching too much Phil Donohue.


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