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Monday, November 01, 2004

I have a strange sense of calm on the eve before the election. Everyone suffers disappointment from time to time, I keep telling myself.

Yesterday, I did exactly what I said I was going to do- pause and reflect. Beautiful day. Went to church and prayed for our country- no matter who wins tomorrow. Then went mountain biking at Owl's Roost with my buddy Dave. Politics came up, but we're on the same side of the aisle, so we reassured ourselves throughout the ride.

The only bummer was the phone call from my dad. He called to talk about the Carolina-Miami game. As I've complained before, I don't have expanded cable, so I totally missed it. I picked up the Sunday N&R sports page and there it was-Heels Boot Miami. Even though I'm a State fan-I listened to the Pack lose to Clemson- I'm glad there's still life in the Carolina football program.

My dad and I are Archie and Meathead in reverse. I think back to 1972 when I stood in the voting booth with him and watched him pull the McGovern lever. In my kid's mind, though, I wanted Nixon to win just because, well, I liked him better. Though I was a liberal for a while, I now know it was probably meant to be that dad and I would be on opposite ends of the politcal spectrum.

I wasn't going to bring up politics.

You vote yet, he asked.

Never got around to it, I'm going to have to gut it out on election day, I replied.

How long you been unemployed now, he asked.

Not unemployed, self-employed, I reminded him.

Then I guess you want four more years of 'self-employment' he said.

Maybe, maybe not, I said.

Then he launched into a long monologue about some conference he went to, they said this, that and the other. Finally, he wrapped it up with, You better think about this.

I have thought about it, and I know which way I'm going. I hung up the phone, took several deep breaths, and went on with my day.


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