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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I noticed where my old UNCG sociology professor Paul Luebke was re-elected to the state house. Luebke's a hard-core liberal who is responsible for my conservative conversion about twelve years ago.

He introduced me to Thmoas Edsall's The New Politcs of Inequality. A major theme of the book is the Democratic party in the mid-1980s was being taken over by rich guys.

Luebke's answer, of course, was the party needed to be radically pulled back to the left. My point of view was, if rich guys dominate both parties, then I'll vote for the rich guys who embrace wealth and believe that I, too can be wealthy if I work hard enough. He understood my point of view and respected it.

Would I vote for Luebke today if I could? Probably not. But I'm I'm a better person for spending three hours a week in his classroom a few years ago.


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