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Monday, November 22, 2004

Look, I'm willing to let the election go. I agree with John Appel of Greensboro, who, in a letter to the editor begged the N&R to "please, please stop running presidential election outcome letters. It's over but you're still providing a forum for the sour grapes and gloating winners to scream at each other. Please, give us some relief."

Author, author! Then I came across the letter from Andrew J. Young. I thought I'd heard it all when I read this:

"There's no doubt the country is leaning heavily (no pun intended) to the right. Repubicans rejoice in the virtues of personal responsibility ('ownership society') and individual choice. What they haven't figured out is whether government should take corrective measures when the population chooses a lifestyle dangerous to the indivudual and the nation.

....In fact, promoting SUV ownership so tubby Americans can lumber across walkable distances would seem to reward moral and personal irresponsibility, to use the language of Christian fundamentalists."

Bottom line: It's Republicans' fault Americans are so fat.

I feel compelled to respond, but it would take all afternoon to get my arms around that logic.

Instead, I'll share a couple of observations over the course of the election season:

A large number of Kerry-Edwards stickers on SUVs;

Guilford County, the heart of the Piedmont and where Young asserts 50 percent of residents are overweight, went for Kerry;

Bill Clinton and my neighbor up the street, both liberals, underwent heart bypass surgery, my neighbor for the second time.

Okay, no more election talk.


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