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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yet another look at the tape of last Thursday's Guilford County commissioners' meeting- what can I say, it was a rainy day. It was interesting the third time around, from the comfort of my living room.

I know I was kind of hard on Steve Arnold in earlier posts, but say what you will about Arnold, one can’t help but respect his political game. While Yow used the big-picture land-rights argument, Arnold was the parliamentarian, keeping track of every motion, using every angle he could to see that the ordinance died one way or another.

“Mrs. Shaw’s motion is in no way a substitute motion to my motion,” he said at one point.

Earlier, he argued that fellow commissioner Skip Alston, a lobbyist for the billboard industry, could not recuse himself from the debate and voting. If anything, Arnold said, Alston was required by law to vote on the matter.

At other times during the debate he moved to go into closed session and to adjourn pending remaining items on the agenda except new business.

He knows the rules.


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