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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Above the fold: Guilford, Davidson cited for soot

Local officials didn't comment on the impact non-attainment will have on the Triad because they're not sure yet.

More Schwartz:

"....Each area must develop a State Implementation Plan (SIP)...Hundreds and thousands of people around the country will spend much or all of their time developing, reviewing and maintaining these plans.

"And it is virtually all process. Failing to have an approved SIP or to demonstrate conformity on paper carries far worse penalties than failing to actually clean the air. Only the former can result in loss of highway funds and other costly sanctions.

"Furthermore, all of this planning is irrelevant to future air quality improvements. The actions necessary to eliminate almost all remaining air pollution have already been taken through regulations for all types of motor vehicles, for power plants and for industrial facilities."


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