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Friday, December 10, 2004

ESPN has a pretty cool feature: The Ultimate Scorecard. You key in a number, 00-99, and it tells you the greatest player who ever wore that number.

In the process of promoting its Dale Earnhardt movie, ESPN asks the question, who's the better '3' — Dale Earnhardt or Babe Ruth?

It's an interesting list. True sports fans will disagree on more than a few.

'4'- ESPN says Bobby Orr, but Lou Gehrig was pretty damn good, too.

'5'- For me, it's Johnny Bench, but I'll give way to Dimaggio. Packer fans would say Paul Hornung.

'8'- ESPN says Cal Ripken. My gut reaction was Yogi Berra, and Joe Morgan was way better than Ripken. And they didn't even mention Morgan.

'10'- Pele. That's soccer, who cares. How about Fran Tarkenton.

'12'- There's no doubt Namath is the ultimate 12, but they choose Bradshaw's accomplishments over the Broadway Joe mystique. Probably because of Bradshaw's battle with depression, but Joe's been down in the dumps, too.

Unlucky '13'- Wilt Chamberlain. He was pretty lucky from what I heard. Dave Concepcion automatically popped into my mind, but Wilt's the man.

'32' is a tough one. Who would you guess? Magic Johnson? OJ? They go with Jim Brown.

Have fun.


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