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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Go Triad is a regular Thursday morning read just so I can marvel at the straight-faced political correctness of its content.

In this morning's "Saturdays with Sage" column, Vishal Khanna bemoans the evil corporate influence of Krispy Kreme inside the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem.

"Although we parents nearly always think our children are the cutest beings in the world, there is nothing cute about this......

"The last thing I need is for the Children's Museum to validate this corporate sponsorship of my son's education and entertainment. He's 3 years old, for God's sake. Let the kid be a kid, not a future target market.....

"I'm sorry, but the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem can keep its throwaway replicas of deep-fried flour."

Maybe I'm weird, but I think a little corporate indoctrination is good for a kid. With any luck, little Sage will grow up to become an executive for Dell.


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