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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I went and checked out the county commissioners' committee meeting as this deal with the developers in Alamance County drags on. Nothing was decided; the committee directed county manager Willie Best to contact Alamance County's manager in an effort to work out a deal to get the final certificates of occupancy issued on a couple of half-million dollar homes caught up in the whole mess.

Commissioner Billy Yow again pressed the issue of getting the COs issued on the two houses so they can go on the market and the contractors can get paid. But county attorney Jonathan Maxwell`is concerned about liability issues. If, for instance, Guilford County signs off on Alamance County doing the final inspection and the house burns down three years later, then Guilford will be on the hook, Maxwell said.

But Yow makes the point that Guilford's already on the hook. Alamance has already done the inspections that truly matter. The final inspections are just a walk-through. Guilford County inspectors won't be looking behind the walls to see if the wiring is run right.

"Is Guilford County willing to accept the liability of everything else?" Yow asked.

Besides, Yow added, do not Guilford and Alamance operate under the same state inspection regulations?

The remainder of the property- 21 lots- more than likely will remain in Guilford County. Even Yow seemed resigned to that outcome. It's a target market, and the revenue is just too sweet. But the developers want the entire subdivision in Alamance County. The way Guilford County is approaching this situation, it seems clear that's not going to happen. And they're going to make sure it doesn't.


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