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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Interesting article in the December print version of Carolina Journal (PDF: scroll to print version, or take my word for it).

The article discusses the different downtown woes faced by Greensboro and Chapel Hill. It starts out with the increased vandalism as the result of downtown Greensboro's revitalization before talking more at length about Chapel Hill's downtown redevelopment efforts:

"Despite the presence of thousands of students within walking distance and a growing permanent population, Chapel Hill's downtown has been in decline for several years. Numerous storefronts sit empty along Franklin Street in the heart of the city as shoppers increasingly head to Durham to make their purchases."

The part I found interesting: A major component of that redevelopment is parking decks.

"A key element of the plan is adding 1,289 parking-garage spaces; a lack of parking is cited as the reason people go elsewhere to shop...Plans to construct an underground deck on Franklin Street are also likely to cost more than originally projected."

The liberal mecca embracing the automobile society. Don't they realize air quality will suffer?


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