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Friday, December 17, 2004

Sure enough, the EPA announced today that Guilford and Davidson Counties have been found in violation of federal particle pollution standards.

Here's the N&R's version, which received prominent placement on its home page. I'll be interested to see where the article is placed in tomorrow's print edition.

But before you get too freaked out, check this article by Joel Schwartz, an air quality expert with the American Enterprise Institute.

Schwartz argues that exceding the EPA's particle standard "isn't nearly is bad as you might think," especially when you consider the health effects of current particulate levels "have been greatly exaggerated by EPA and activists."

Interesting bullet point in the EPA's fact sheet on particle designations:

"The Bush administration has made the reduction of fine particle pollution a critical element of a comprehensive national clean air strategy."

I'm glad we have an environmentalist in the White House.


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