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Friday, December 03, 2004

While we're on the subject of baseball.....

The Baltimore Sun's Laura Vescey is all worked up over Jason Giambi, calling for his banishment from baseball:

"Banished, expelled....That what the commissioner of baseball ought to declare for the New York Yankees' steroid-slugging slugger."

I'll take it a step further: Ban Barry Bonds, too. Bonds obviously hasn't admitted using steroids and, as of yet, there's no hard evidence he has. But Giambi has admitted he got the steroids from Greg Anderson, Bonds' personal trainer. If anderson was passing them out to Giambi, is it not logical to assume he was dispensing them to his own client? That's enough evidence for me.

People don't realize that Major League Baseball is not a court of law. There's no innocent until proven guilty. Remember, the Black Sox were cleared of all legal charges relating to 1919 World Series fix before Commissioner Landis banned them for life.

Then there's Pete Rose. OK, we know now that Rose did indeed bet on baseball abd his ban from the game was justified. Whether or not he should be reinstated is still a matter up for debate, even though baseball pundits seemed dead set against it in the wake of his admission.

But would the charges against Rose have held up in a court of law, where baseball would have had to present hard evidence that Rose bet on baseball? Would a jury have found that Rose was guilty? That's debatable, as well.

So I say that Giambi's admission is more than enough evidence to ban Bonds as well. Let him prove his innocence.


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