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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ed Hardin's (unposted) column reminds me of the TV commercial where the guy eats a Snickers bar and becomes president.

But if cut you through Hardin's sense of humor, he's got it right: The logistics of an NCAA football playoff don't work. It's hard to sell upwards of 80,000 tickets to a football game when you don't know who the opponents will be from week to week.

Still, something's gotta give: Tuesday's Orange Bowl drew the second-worst TV rating for a BCS championship game. Playing the championship game a full three days (in this case) after New Year's Day is asking a bit much of the average college football fan's attention span. Playing the championship game the day after New Year's seemed to work pretty well. But if it were up to me (and it's not), I'd pack it in with the rest of the Jan. 1 games.

But if it were really, truly up to me, I'd just reverse course and go back to the traditional bowl alliances.


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