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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

ESPN's Bill Simmons is not too sure about Wade Boggs' election to the Hall of Fame:

"Trust me. I followed him in Boston for 11 years. We never thought of him the way we did George Brett or Mike Schmidt- those were franchise players. Boggs was....well, what was he?"

I know you can't keep a guy with five batting titles out of the Hall of Fame. But think about most Hall of Famers, and you can usually come with one major moment in their careers. A key hit. A clutch play. An incredible pitching performance. Brett hitting the home run off Goose Gossage in the ninth inning of the 1976 ALCS. Johnny Bench- they're so many- completing the sweep of the Yankees with two homers in the final game of the 1976 Series. Reggie Jackson hitting three homers in the 1977 World Series. Even Tony Perez, who admittedly is among the more statistically-challenged Hall of Famers, hit the big home run to put the Reds within striking distance in Game 7 of the 1975 Series

But I can't really think of a big moment for Boggs. The only memories that come to mind are him sitting in the dugout with tears in his eyes after the Red Sox lost to Mets in the '86 Series and riding the horse around Yankee Stadium when the Yanks beat the Braves in '96.

That's a good exercise for baseball fans: Pick a Hall of Famer and try to remember a major moment.


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