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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I feel compelled to respond to the N.Y. Times article on Iraq The Model since I made reference to the Baghdad brothers' blog in this post, which drew double-digit comments.

After reading the Times article twice, here's my theory. The reporter clearly undertook the assignment with the prejudice that Iraq The Model was an American front. She also betrayed her bias against the Bush administration at the end of the article, when she suggests that Ali is being genuine only when he expresses doubt about the American adminsitration, unlike his brothers Mohammed and Omar.

But unfortunately for Ms. Boxer, everything about Iraq the Model checked out. Her editors had high expectations for this story, so she's expected to produce something. The best she can do is this puff piece, and it's relegated to the Arts & Leisure section. Trust me, this happens in journalism.

But here's the question: Is it so insane to believe that, in spite of the death and destruction, many Iraqis, if not the majority, actually hold hope for the future now that they are free of Saddam Hussein? That they actually embrace freedom? That they relish their opportunity to vote? That terrorists (insurgents) are the ones standing the way of freedom?

I'd say the Times thinks so.

Now I'm going to shut up about the war for a while.


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