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Saturday, January 29, 2005

I realize this is old news, but I got around to watching Monster last night. If, by chance, you haven't seen it, here's my brief review.

It wasn't my first choice because I was worried it would be depressing and violent. And it was, to a certain degree, but fortunately the story moves along pretty quickly. Charlize Theron's performance as a redneck hooker-turned lesbian hits the nail on the head. With the help of prosthetics, she made Aileen repulsive, yet in different scenes and camera angles you could see the real Charlize showing through, thus making making Aileen seem more attractive and sympathetic.

I thought I recognized the actor playing Aileen's best buddy Tom, an old, bearded gray-haired guy. The credits confirmed my hunch: Bruce Dern.

I'd say it's worth it.


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