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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Interesting comparison and contrast between Rathergate and WMD. I got it from Patrick Eakes, who says he got it from Lex Alexander.

The chart makes it point. Fair enough, I guess. But let's take an ends-justify-the-means approach to this situation. Let's say Rather's story temporarily sticks. It does what it was intended to do: affect the outcome of the election. Kerry wins. Then, in December, it's revealed that the story is bogus. So would we see millions of Kerry supporters writhing in guilt, demanding a recall? I doubt it. And we'd still have no exit strategy in Iraq, because if Kerry had one, I never heard it, at least not in plain English.

So the search for WMD was not successful. I regret the loss of life in the process. But in that process, American soldiers and fellow coalition members uncovered an international scandal that was, to say the least, negatively affecting the lives of the Iraqi people. Was that supposed to just keep going on? I hope nobody would think so. Otherwise, international law means nothing.

For those who think this whole effort has been a waste of time, I suggest you check out Iraq The Model, where there are many interesting comments on the upcoming elections.


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