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Friday, January 28, 2005

The N&R follows up on possible delays to Northeast Park due to questions over the architect's contract.

As I reported last week, the discussion on this matter at the county commissioners' meeting was painful to sit through. I understand what the the commissioners were trying to do: Save the taxpayers some money and improve the bidding process for bond money. The RFQ process probably does shut out a lot of competent contractors who can put a park together at a good price.

So the solution would be to go ahead and approve the contract with TIFF so work could begin on Northeast Park but dictate that future contracts for bond money will awarded based on a traditional bid process. With the parks bond that passed last election, the county should be awarding quite a few contracts in the near future. Besides, just how much money could the commissioners expect to save on this particular contract?

But that was too simple. Now the contract is being rebid, and nobody knows when Northeast Park will open.

Then again, just how crucial is it that Northeast Park open this year?


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