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Monday, January 10, 2005

There were some difficult decisions to be made this weekend- whether or not to watch ACC hoops or the playoffs. Complicating matters was the fact that I was visiting my mother, who doesn't go for sitting around and watching sports all day. So I watched and listened (while doing yard work) when I could.

I was able to catch the entire Jets-Chargers game.

The buzz going into the playoffs was the NFC's mediocrity. But thank goodness this game wasn't the best the AFC had to offer. It was the most undisciplined, poorly-coached game I think I've ever seen. Madden commented repeatedly on the game's overall sloppiness.

Where to start? The Jets were pulled offsides by a hard count on fourth-and one. The Chargers had too many men on the field for a Jets punt after a key defensive stop. Schottenheimer's unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The Jets twice had too few men on the field, and the Chargers twice didn't pick it up.
Herman Edwards having to be pulled away from his assistant coach.

Then there was Eric Barton's personal foul at the end of regulation. I know this sounds sinister, but I was pulling for the Chargers to win just so Barton would have to live with that during the offseason.

Then there was San Diego's field-goal attempt in overtime. Was anyone besides me thinking to themselves that, after three conservative running plays, the Chargers still didn't line the spot up in the center of the field?

That said, there are indeed better teams in the AFC. The Colts have a great offense, but I'm looking forward to New England going into Pittsburgh for the title game.


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