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Monday, January 31, 2005

While we're on the subject of Medved and movies.....

Even though I'm an Eastwood fan, I haven't seen "Million Dollar Baby," and I probably won't since I frankly don't have the time to go to the movies.

But I'm aware of the controversy surrounding the movie and the surprise plot twist that mainstream critics refuse to reveal.

But now the issue is being addressed now that there's a real possibility "Million Dollar Baby" could sweep the Oscars. Medved revealed the plot twist in general terms, insisting that moviegoers should know what's in store for them before they pay good money to see it, while Susan Wloszczyna addresses the issue in USA Today.

Now comes this no-holes-barred review from Alex Wayne, a fellow Eastwood fan who not only bucks mainstream critics by writing the "movie sucks ass," but also gives away the plot twist lock, stock and smoking barrel.

Check out Alex's review; he's only trying to save you a few bucks.


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