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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

EMS workers pay the price after putting Larry Green in a body bag when he really wasn't dead.

I've heard of this happening twice before. I was fascinated with the Hamlet chicken plant fire 14 years ago that killed 25 workers and read every account I could about the incident. In one account, hurried EMS workers had stacked the body bags right outside the plant when, all of a sudden, one of them zipped itself open and out came a "victim" who was not dead but suffering from smoke inhalation.

Then, in Paul Luebke's sociology class at UNCG, we were discussing Vietnam deferments when an older guy in the class named Norman described how he avoided service. He became very ill with a bacterial infection, was hospitalized and declared dead. They wheeled him down to the morgue and a death certificate was filled out. According to Norman, he regained consciousness, got up off the gurney and informed a morgue attendant that he was indeed alive.

The Army never got the word, however, and as far as they were concerned, Norman was still dead.

Shortly after sharing this story with the class, Norman disappeared and we never saw him again.


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