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Saturday, February 05, 2005

The "F" word.......

N&R editor Allen Johnson writes that Sunday's editorials will take a closer look at the 5-cent property tax hike proposed by county commissioner Paul Gibson to finance a $1 billion capital fund.

"What a novel idea: long range planning and saving for future spending needs."

First of all, I agree with Joe Guarino when he comments, "...We just had an election....Perhaps I missed something, but I do recall any candidates proposing a five cent increase in the property tax rate...It is problematic for any elected official to claim to have arrived suddenly at an epiphany regarding capital funding only a couple of months after an election."

Indeed, Gibson did such a good job of presenting himself as a centrist Democrat that John Hammer endorsed him and I voted for him. I can't speak for Johnny Sunshine, but I won't make that mistake again.

But here's the best part: Johnson writes that Gibson "isn't the only one who thinks the concept deserves a closer look.

"Former County Manager Roger Cotten and former county commissioner and city councilman Chuck Forrester, both Republicans, are avid supporters of the concept."

Okay........ Any reason to be skeptical about this example of bipartisan support?


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