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Friday, February 25, 2005

Hoggard puts in his two cents' worth on Bellmeade Village.

I live right down Eugene from the proposed development and I have to say I'm pretty excited. Still, after looking at the plan, it seems very ambitious to me. My experience in dealing with a lot of developers is they often promise more than they can deliver. That said, as long as a nice bar is there, I'll be happy.

I also picked up on an interesting contradiction in the N&R article about the project. One paragraph reads:

"Plans call for five-story buildings and tree-lined streets that encourage walking, not driving."

Then, later in the article:

"The developers have already approached city officials to gauge their interest in the development financially. In a meeting with Mayor Keith Holliday, Councilman Tom Phillips and City Manager Ed Kitchen, the developers asked about possibly borrowing money to build a parking deck and pay for road work around the project."

So somebody's going to be doing some driving.


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