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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I didn't make it downtown to the civil rights festivities. I planned to, but the morning got away from me, as they so often do.

Instead, I thought about the 30th anniversary re-enactment in 1990, which I went and checked out. I remember describing the scene to the same sociology class that Norman was in, though I can't remember whether or not he'd disappeared by this time.

The Woolworth's was still open at the time, and everyone -press and public-crowded into the lunch counter early on a cold morning. Everyone suddenly grew quiet, then broke into applause. David Richmond, dressed in a nice business suit and holding a wool hat in his hand, led his old buddies Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain and Jibreel Khazan through the crowd toward the counter, where they took a seat, drank coffee, and calmly answered questions.

When I read later in the year that David Richmond died, I knew I had witnessed a historic moment. While I wasn't there the first time the Greensboro Four sat at the lunch counter, I was there the last time.


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