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Monday, February 21, 2005

I want to party with Vera Stek, who responds to an N.Y. Times article on trans fat:

"I'm a runner and was lucky enough to have a doctor friend who warned me long ago of the dangers of margerine and other hydrogenated fats. Education is im[ortant, but maybe just eliminating the temptation is a smarter move.

"Almost every weekend I see many runners who work so hard to keep fit and healthy reward themselves with the free doughnuts offered after a race. All the races in the world and the training required to complete them won't undo the damage caused by that blob of unhealthy grease and refined sugar."

Now that's hardcore. If running doesn't undo all the french fires I eat, then I'm practically a dead man.

I also don't know what Ms. Stek would think of my post-run reward, a 24-ounce beer. But I don't think beer has any trans fat.


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