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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Interesting article on Purdue coach Gene Keady, who's wrapping up his 25th and final season as the Boilermakers' coach.

The most interesting anectdote from Keady's long career involves the bus ride home after a loss to Bobby Knight's Indiana Hoosiers:

"A limousine with a state senator's license plate pulled up alongside the bus, and someone — Keady still doesn't know who — rolled down the window and made an obscene gesture."

Then there's N.C. State women's basketball coach Kay Yow, who was profiled in this morning's N&R. Though Yow's teams have consistently been an ACC powerhouse during her 30-year career-— five ACC regular season championships and four ACC tournament titles — I was surprised to read that the Wolfpack had made only one Final Four appearance.

Similarly, Keady's Boilermaker teams never made the Final Four, advancing only as far as the Elite Eight twice.

So here you have two coaches with long careers at high-profile programs despite the fact that they never delivered the ultimate prize- a national championship. It's clear that administrators at their respective schools have been pleased with what Keady and Yow have delivered — solid leadership for their student-athletes.

Is this something for State fans to ponder as they keep calling for Herb Sendek's head?


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