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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Interesting letter to the editor from Jerry Clark of Greensboro. Clark calls out N&R lead writers Jim Schlosser and MMB for their article on Guilford County's tax base, which Clark said had no point to it.

The article caught my eye as well, and I settled down with a cup of coffee to read it. But the class warfare-style lead immediately turned me off:

"People lust to live in Irving Park for its beauty, for the big houses with views of the Greensboro Country Club golf course and for the prestige of an old neighborhood where exclusivity has increased with age.

"The Guilford County Tax Department loves Irving Park, too, even though some department employees can afford only a Sunday afternoon ride through the neighborhood."

"Long" to live in Irving Park. "Aspire" to live in Irving Park. But "lust"? That's one of the seven deadly sins, you know.

I kept reading, however, and noticed where Greensboro urologist Sigmund Tannenbaum bought the house at 1805 Granville Road, "tore it down, built a large home on the lot and paid $33, 716.90 in property taxes in 2004. The new value is nearly $2.8 million."

I helped pay Dr. Tannenbaum's property taxes in 2004. Don't ask. Let's just say I'm happy to help out a guy who can carry on an intelligent conversation while performing such a delicate procedure.


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